Dogged determination: G9 returns as Terria

21 May 2008

The G9 consortium of telecoms companies will this week lodge an AUD5 million (USD4.79 million) bond to bid for the federal government’s national broadband network. The G9, which includes Optus, announced it would now be known as Terria. Michael Egan, who was appointed G9 chairman last week, said Terria was bidding to ensure there was open access to the proposed network. ‘Our companies want a level playing field,’ Mr Egan said. The other companies in the consortium are Telecom New Zealand-owned AAPT, PowerTel, IiNet, Internode, Macquarie Telecom, Primus, Soul and TransAct. Optus will lodge a separate AUD5 million bond with the government by Friday, in case it needs to submit a solo bid. ‘This does not mean Optus is not fully committed to the Terria bid,’ Optus director of government and corporate affairs Maha Krishnapillai said. ‘Optus wants an industry-led bid.’

Australia, Optus