Samart to join WiMAX race

16 May 2008

Thai communications equipment group Samart has announced that it will apply for a commercial mobile WiMAX network operating concession, once the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) finalises regulations and licensing procedures, reports the Bangkok Post. Samart is already conducting WiMAX trials in partnership with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), which has its own telecoms network operating licence. President of Samart, Watchai Vilailuck, said that the firm would apply for a WiMAX licence through subsidiary Samart Telecoms (Samtel) and planned initial investment of at least THB100 million (USD3 million) in a wireless broadband network supporting applications such as high speed internet access and mobile television. Samart posted a first-quarter profit of THB144 million, up marginally year-on-year.

Thailand, Samart