ANRCTI announces winners of tender for new Telecentres

9 May 2008

The Romanian telecoms regulator ANRCTI has announced that AccessNet International, Rartel, National Radiocommunications Company and Vodafone Romania have won the tender for the installation of telecentres in 172 rural localities of Romania that currently have limited or no access to telephone and internet services. AccessNet will install 150 telecentres in 31 counties, Rartel 19 telecentres in 14 counties, the National Radiocommunications Company one telecentre, and Vodafone Romania will install two. To date, ANRCTI has organised tenders for the installation of telecentres in 633 localities with 350 telecentres already functional. Each telecentre is equipped with at least two telephones, two computers linked to the internet and a fax, and are available for use by the whole community at ‘affordable’ tariffs.