Croatia offers broadband subsidies

6 May 2008

The Croatian Telecommunications Agency (CTA) is offering HRK16.14 million (USD3.45 million) in subsidies for broadband infrastructure projects, with HRK3.2 million set aside for each of the following access technologies: xDSL direct network connections, fully unbundled local loop (ULL), IP bitstream, WiMAX and UMTS/HSPA mobile broadband. Payments are to be made for newly connected users to 512kbps-plus services in selected underserved geographical areas. The regulator received eleven applicants for the subsidies: alternative telcos H1 Telekom and Optima Telekom, cellco VIPnet, WiMAX operators Dubrovnik Telekom and WIMAX Telecom (Croatia), incumbent telco T-HT, Iskon Internet (an ISP subsidiary of T-HT), T-Mobile Hrvatski (T-HT’s mobile subsidiary), Optika Kabel TV, state-owned nationwide WiMAX licensee Odasiljaci i Veze (OiV), and the Croatian Technology Institute (HIT). The winners are scheduled to be announced on 15 May.