MegaFon contracts Proxim for WiMAX rollout

16 Apr 2008

Proxim Wireless has provided its Tsunami radio equipment to MSS Povolzhie, an ISP and subsidiary of Russian cellco MegaFon, for the rollout of a wireless broadband network to cover a population of over 32 million in a 2,500 square kilometre region. Prior to the installation of the network, residential users in Sberbank, Nafta and Lukoil in the Samara region had no broadband internet access. MegaFon says the network will support broadband internet/data and VoIP services, and specified IEEE 802.16 WiMAX certification for all its wireless metropolitan access infrastructure. Michael Borodko, Head of Information Technology Department, MSS Povolzhie, said that: ‘Following the success of this project, we are now planning to extend internet access to all regions of Povolzhie, starting with deployments in the larger cities.’ Proxim’s contract was won in conjunction with its partners in Russia, RK Telecom and Geyser, which specified the wireless network, including Proxim equipment that enabled ‘high performance long range broadband access services to a large number of customers.’

Russia, MegaFon