iBurst launches ADSL and HSDPA

2 Apr 2008

The South African wireless broadband operator iBurst has launched ADSL and HSDPA services as it moves to expand its reach and its options for end users. The firm is reselling 3.5G mobile packages from the country’s largest cellular operator, Vodacom, and is reselling Telkom South Africa’s ADSL connections with its own ISP service. ‘We have always looked at the needs of potential broadband subscribers and made unbiased recommendations as to which access technologies would suit them best. The difference today is that we can recommend and sell iBurst Wireless, iBurst ADSL and iBurst HSDPA,’ said Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst, according to a report from MyBroadband. ‘Broadband consumers are primarily interested in their needs being met and not in which technology meets those needs,’ he added. iBurst says that one of the main advantages of its new offerings is that they allow the user to carry over unused data allowances from one month to another.

Separately, another South African ISP, MWeb, says it plans to challenge iBurst head-on with its own rollout of WiMAX wireless broadband networks. MWeb has been trialling WiMAX technology for some time but has approached telecoms regulator ICASA to apply for a full concession. MWeb says it plans to deploy twice the number of base stations as used by iBurst, which currently has around 230 base stations in its networks.

South Africa, MWEB (South Africa), Rain (Multisource/WBS)