Satellite launch delayed until 19 April

1 Apr 2008

VietNamNet Bridge reports that incumbent telco Vietnam Post and Telecoms Group (VNPT) has delayed the launch of its Vinasat 1 orbiter by a further week. Vietnam’s first telecom satellite was originally scheduled for 29 March this year, then delayed until 10 April, then 12 April. The latest delay has put the blast-off back to 19 April 2008. Hoang Minh Thong, Head of VNPT’s Vinasat Project, said the launching of Vinasat 1 was dependent on the schedule of French launching service provider, Arianespace, and that a major reason for the latest delay is because the launching of another satellite, which was slated to launch before Vinasat, has been delayed. The orbiter, manufactured by US suppliers Lockheed Martin, arrived at the launching pad in French Guyana early last month. After the launch, it will be tested for 30 to 40 days before being put into official operation.

Vietnam, VNPT-Vinaphone