eMobile launches voice call services

28 Mar 2008

Japanese mobile start-up eMobile, a division of broadband access provider eAccess, today launched mobile voice call services in Japan. The company is charging a fixed fee of JPY980 (USD9.86) per month for voice calls on top of the JPY1,000 a user pays for data communications services. In addition, calls made to another eMobile number are free 365 days a year, it said in a statement. At launch the newcomer’s voice call services are available to 70% of the Japanese population. Jiji Press reports that eMobile is leasing capacity on DoCoMo’s network to cover remaining areas. eMobile chairman told reporters that his company plans to achieve network coverage of more than 95% of the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka areas, using its own networks, by June 2008. The cellco launched a data-only operation in March 2007 and has signed up 281,300 users by the end of last month.