ComReg unveils plan to deliver cheaper broadband

25 Mar 2008

Ireland’s telecoms watchdog ComReg has invited comment on its latest proposal to reduce the price eircom charges other operators to access its network under so-called local loop unbundling (LLU). The Irish Independent reports that residential users could benefit from substantially lower broadband prices if the regulator pushes through a proposal to cut LLU line-sharing costs by 65% from EUR8.41 (USD12.95) to EUR2.94 per month. If realised, alternative operators would find it far more attractive to market their own brand products rather than merely reselling eircom’s broadband packages. ComReg has unveiled the initiative as it looks to catapult the Republic into line with other EU members in a bid to boost local competition. Commenting on the move, the chairman of the Association of Licensed Telecoms Operators’ (ALTO), Liam O’Halloran, said: ‘It should increase the type and quality of broadband available in the market and allow operators to bring real differentiation to their products’. eircom is understood to be examining ComReg’s proposals.

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