Bandwidth pricing: down, up and sideways

25 Mar 2008

The bandwidth market is changing – new cables are being built, and new bandwidth products like Gigabit Ethernet are gaining in popularity. But the fact remains, what you don’t know will cost you. Look at the facts behind these numbers;

224% Price difference between most expensive and least expensive trans-Atlantic Gigabit Ethernet circuit, Q4 2007

418% Per Mbps price of Gigabit Ethernet versus 10 Gbps wavelengths from Miami to New York.

-30% Change in STM-1 prices from Hong Kong to Mumbai since Q1 2007

+1% Change in STM-1 prices between Hong Kong and Shanghai since Q1 2007

-4% Change in 10 Gbps wavelength prices from New York to Washington Q1-Q4 2007

-17% Change in 10 Gbps wavelength prices from New York to Miami Q1-Q4 2007

600% Price difference between trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic 10 Gbps wavelengths

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