Swisscom lowers last mile fee; Sunrise calls for more

18 Mar 2008

Swisscom has announced that it is reducing the unbundling price for subscriber connections to its fixed line network from CHF31 (USD31.5) to CHF23.5. The change, effective retroactively to 1 January 2008, has been implemented in response to a regulatory alteration last December in the parameters used for calculating prices. Rival telco Sunrise has responded by saying it considers the lowering of the fee as a step in the right direction, and confirmation that Swisscom’s prices for the last mile were set too high. The TDC-owned subsidiary went on to add that compared with the European average of approximately CHF16, Swisscom’s charges remain steep. Sunrise also reiterated its stance that bitstream access to Swisscom’s fibre/VDSL network should be included in any unbundling decisions, something that the incumbent is keen to avoid. Regulator ComCom is expected to deliver a final ruling on the matter in the coming months.

Switzerland, Sunrise Communications, Swisscom