Days are numbered for ISDN

17 Mar 2008

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced that the regulation of regional ISDN and digital data access services (DDAS) is to be extended for one more year until 30 June 2009, whilst users seek alternatives. The ACCC states that it believes the services are ‘outdated, legacy technologies’ with no ongoing relevance to the current market, and that they impose ‘an unreasonable burden upon Telstra as provider of the service.’ This follows the incumbent’s earlier requests to bring the deadline forward to June 2008, whilst rival telcos AAPT, Macquarie Telecom and Optus Mobile have all lobbied to have the service extended another three years due to their ongoing reliance on the Telstra-controlled networks to provide access to customers in rural and regional Australia. The ACCC has said final calls for comment on the declaration are to be made by 11 April, with a decision expected in June.