Telmex to sue Telefonica for ‘delaying tactics’

14 Mar 2008

Telmex Chile has filed a lawsuit with the Chilean antitrust commission TDLC, accusing Telefonica Chile of maliciously delaying its (Telmex’s) rollout of WiMAX infrastructure by a year. The Mexican company was awarded a national fixed wireless access licence by Chilean regulator in December 2005, with twelve regional licences awarded to triple-play provider VTR. In early 2006, Telefonica launched litigation over the government’s decision to award the pair the concessions, claiming that they had received preferential treatment. However, this argument was thrown out in November 2006 and Telmex Chile went on to launch WiMAX based services in 15 cities in March 2007. In January this year, the company said it had met its licence obligation to achieve 98% coverage of the population and 91% of the country’s municipalities.