Global Mobile not to launch WiMAX until next year

29 Feb 2008

Global Mobile, one of the winners of a WiMAX licence in Taiwan, has postponed its commercial launch to early next year, its CEO Rosemary Ho said yesterday. The company had planned to roll out services sometime in the last quarter of this year, in line with several other new licensees, including First International Telecom. Global Mobile says it is delaying the launch until it can ensure three critical criteria are met: adequate availability of WiMAX devices; guaranteed faster data speeds; and satisfactorily low base station costs. The National Communications Commission requires the country’s six WiMAX start-ups to launch commercial services within 15 months of their licensing last July, although it may grant extensions of up to one year. Global Mobile has a concession covering northern regions and plans to launch initially in capital Taipei and its surrounds. Incumbent telco Chunghwa Telecom is one of nine companies to have bought a stake in Global Mobile, which says it has now raised USD33.5 million from new investors for network deployment.