Alternative operators in talks over fibre-optic rules

28 Feb 2008

French alternative telecoms operators neuf Cegetel and Iliad (Free) has expressed dissatisfaction with former monopoly operator France Telecom’s latest offer to share its infrastructure as the three telcos roll out their next generation fibre-optic networks. According to Dow Jones Newswires, Iliad’s chief executive officer Maxime Lombardini is calling for significant changes to the existing legal framework and says more work is also needed on developing the ‘wholesale and technical aspects of France Telecom’s offer to share its infrastructure’. His views were echoed by Michel Paulin, the general manager of Neuf Cegetel, who said the plans discussed do not go far enough, adding that a more ‘aggressive regulatory framework’ was required. On a more positive note, Arcep’s Paul Champsaur said the basics of the former monopoly’s offer was ‘encouraging, but experiments are now in process to improve the operational aspects…France Telecom will publish an improved offer next summer’.

France, Iliad (Free), neuf Cegetel, Orange Group