iiNet customers suffering delays with naked DSL plan

21 Feb 2008

Australian news website has reported that a number of new customers to iiNet’s recently launched Naked DSL programme have reported long delays for connection, as the provider struggles to keep up with demand for the product. The new service, launched nationally late in 2007, offers access to iiNet’s ADSL2+ broadband network without need to pay a rental charge for fixed lines. The sudden increase of demand for the service has seen iiNet’s customer services overwhelmed with several customers complaining that they have been left without phone or internet services whilst awaiting connection. iiNet has said that over the past two months it has experienced problems with its customer service systems as a result of a 250% increase in incoming customer service calls. Minor problems with compatibility with Telstra’s systems, and a reliance on Telstra’s work processes have been cited as causes, though iiNet chief operating officer Mark White said that its relationship with Telstra remained strong.