PeterStar to resell WiMAX services

20 Feb 2008

The St Petersburg-based telco PeterStar is to launch as a WiMAX virtual network operator (WVNO), leasing capacity from WiMAX network operator Start Telecom. Start Telecom has eleven 3.5GHz WiMAX base stations in St Petersburg, covering 60% of the city, which will be used by PeterStar to offer wireless broadband access. ‘St Petersburg is the first phase in the development of WiMAX infrastructure in the Northwest [region],’ said Ilya Kravchuk, Acting General Director of PeterStar. PeterStar is a subsidiary of Synterra, which has its own WiMAX network in Russia but does not hold frequencies for the St Petersburg area, WiMAX Day reports.

Russia, PeterStar, Synterra