GTI and Algerie Telecom launch WiMAX

18 Feb 2008

The Canadian firm Galaxia Telecom International (GTI) has announced the launch of its WiMAX network in Algeria, which is being operated in conjunction with country’s dominant telco, Algerie Telecom. GTI says it has been testing its WiMAX network with business customers over the past six months; a residential launch is scheduled for September this year. GTI says the network will be Africa’s largest commercial WiMAX system, with services offered under the name Athir. Algerie Telecom is providing existing infrastructure, access network, marketing and distribution, with GTI supplying base stations, customer premises equipment, BWA network backbone, platforms, installation and training. ‘In our view, [WiMAX] is the optimal technology, reliable and cost effective for a large country such as Algeria, which needs to cover the needs of a sizeable but dispersed population,’ said Dr. Abdellah Hoummady, CEO of GTI.

Algeria, Algerie Telecom (AT)