T-Mobile and Orange to test 100-channel mobile TV

12 Feb 2008

According to British broadsheet The Guardian, T-Mobile and Orange will today announce a partnership to run a commercial trial of a new mobile TV technology in west London which could allow handset users to tune in to up to 100 channels. The technology, TDTV, has been developed by US-based NextWave Wireless at its British unit in Chippenham, and could provide a cheaper and more efficient way to get broadcast TV on to mobile phones. The trial, due to start in late summer, will see several thousand Londoners given either a new handset, rumoured to be made by LG. The six-month test will see Orange and T-Mobile share their masts in London and install equipment that will allow them to broadcast 24 high-quality TV channels including several from the BBC and BSkyB, and ten digital radio stations. It follows technical trials of the service carried out by Orange in Bristol last year. Orange and T-Mobile are also inviting O2, Vodafone and 3 to take part in the London test.

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