ISP migration to be made easier

8 Feb 2008

According to local reports, switching to a different ISP in the Netherlands is to become easier after an agreement was reached between the main players in the internet sector. KPN, Orange, Tele2, BBned, UPC, Casema, AtHome and Multikabel have agreed that when a customer switches operators, the new provider can cancel the old contract on behalf of the client. The new consensus applies not only to internet subscriptions but also to triple play (combined internet, telephony and television) offerings, and that the switch must take place on the agreed day in at least 95% of cases. The policy is to be implemented in the fourth quarter of 2008. A similar scheme is already in place, but the self-regulation has not been adhered to. Consumer rights association Consumentenbond hopes that the new deal will see the operators stay true to their word, and there have been calls for all operators to join the pact, thus avoiding the need formal legislation.

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