Deutsche Telekom reports preliminary 2007 results

29 Jan 2008

German incumbent Deutsche Telekom (DT) has reported that the decline in its traditional fixed line business continued in the final three months of 2007, but the number of new DSL broadband customers increased thanks to its combined telephony and internet offers. The telco said it lost 537,000 narrowband connections in the quarter ended 31 December 2007, compared with 497,000 in the third quarter, while it won 526,000 new DSL broadband subscribers in Q4, compared with 504,000 in the previous quarter. DT had 13.9 million broadband lines in total at 31 December 2007, up from 11.2 million a year earlier, while total narrowband lines fell from 39 million to 36.6 million over the course of 2007.

Cellular arm T-Mobile International continued to expand its customer base in 2007, driven by growth in Eastern Europe and the US. In addition, the acquisition of Orange Nederland contributed to subscriber growth. The number of mobile customers worldwide rose to a total of 119.6 million in 2007, including 2.2 million customers from the Dutch acquisition. Net additions amounted to 11.1 million, an increase of 10.3%. T-Mobile Germany increased its customer base by 14.5% in the year ended 31 December 2007, reporting almost 36 million subs at that date. T-Mobile USA recorded 28.7 million customers at the end of the year, up 14.6% in twelve months. The US subsidiary reported 951,000 net additions in Q4, of which 733,000 were post-paid customers. T-Mobile UK reported 406,000 net additions last year to bring the total number of customers to 17.3 million.

Germany, Deutsche Telekom (DT)