Big four cable phone users grow by 73%

29 Jan 2008

By the end of 2007 Canada’s largest four providers of cable telephony services reported 1,894,347 phone users, up 73% from 1,093,325 a year earlier. Rogers Communications reported 655,800 local cable subscribers at the end of December (of a PSTN/cable telephony total of over a million), a 79% annual increase. Videotron claimed 636,000 cable telephony customers at the same date, up 60% year-on-year. Shaw Communications’ cable voice base reached 435,696 at the end of November (latest report), up 73% y-o-y, whilst Cogeco saw its subscribers grow 111% to 166,851 (also at end-November). All four services were rolled out in the first half of 2005.