NTC publishes details of new draft VoIP law

24 Jan 2008

Filipino telecoms regulator the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has published its draft recommendations on new rules governing the provision of voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) services, including measures on how to charge local VoIP providers for offering the service. ZDNet Asia reports that the NTC draft policy aims to ‘clarify and supplement’ previous rules on IP telephony access charges. Under the new draft regulations, VoIP service providers would still be required to sign interconnection agreements with at least one PSTN operator, which, in turn, would handle responsibility for routing calls to and from other networks. VoIP providers would be required to pay a minimum of PHP0.25 (USD0.0006) per minute in transmit charges to their PSTN operator for calls routed through a landline or mobile phone. IP telephony operators would also have to pay an access fee of PHP1 for each call originating and terminating from a fixed line phone, or PHP1.50 for calls from a mobile phone. The NTC plans to hold a meeting to discuss its proposals and has invited industry players and stakeholders to provide feedback on its plans.

Philippines, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)