More US WiMAX developments

24 Jan 2008

The US internet service provider TDS Telecom, a sister company of US Cellular, has launched a mobile WiMAX service in Madison, Wisconsin. The 802.16e network covers 55,000 households and 10,000 businesses and currently supports only fixed and nomadic services. Services are available with peak download speeds of up to 6Mbps and upload speeds of 3Mbps, with prices starting at USD50 a month for a 2Mbps symmetrical service. The WiMAX network incorporates seven Alvarion 802.16e 4Motion base stations, each with a two-mile radius.

Separately, One Ring Networks has selected Redline Communications to supply a 3.65GHz WiMAX network in Atlanta, Georgia. The network is expected to cover the entire metropolitan Atlanta area by end-2008. ‘We are excited to utilise Redline’s products for our initial WiMAX network launch, which is just beginning to break ground in the US marketplace,’ states Matt Liotta, CEO of One Ring Networks.

United States, Alvarion, TDS Telecom