First interconnection dispute between co-op & cableco

22 Jan 2008

Argentina is seeing its first-ever interconnection battle between a cable TV provider and a local telephony cooperative, reports BNamericas, quoting local press sources. The stand-off has arisen between San Vicente Cable y Telecomunicaciones and the cooperative in the city of the same name in Santa Fe province. The cooperative is concerned that San Vicente Cable y Telecomunicaciones, which holds a licence for voice service, will be allowed to offer unregulated rates, while the incumbent operator is subject to government imposed ceilings, according to the cooperative’s CEO Evasio Collia.

In Argentina, telephony service providers are not permitted to offer video services but have been able to form partnerships with cablecos to provide clients with bundled voice, video and internet services. However, cablecos are able to apply for voice licences independently, giving rise to interconnection requirements with the incumbent voice operators. The cable TV firm may seek mediation by the telecoms regulator CNC or the ministry SeCom.