Countdown to number portability begins

22 Jan 2008

Mexico’s government has ratified regulations for the implementation of fixed and mobile number portability, writes BNamericas citing telecoms regulator Cofetel. Upon publication of the regulations in the official register on 21 January, operators have 165 days to implement the system. It will be the receiving network’s responsibility to deal with the porting process, contacting the database administrator and advising the donor network when one of its clients requests a port. The receiving network must liaise with the donor network on these issues within two days of receiving the port request. The rules allow operators to complete ports in up to 30 days and require the receiving operator to notify the porting client of the expected completion date within five days of the initial request. Once a client has requested a port, the donor network is forbidden from engaging in targeted marketing measures aimed at persuading the client to abandon the port.