China Telecom reports local line losses

21 Jan 2008

China Telecom, the nation’s largest fixed line company, reported a decline of 2.7 million local access lines in 2007, as a result of great competition from wireless carriers. The number of fixed line subscriptions fell by 1.48 million in December, its fifth consecutive monthly loss, to takes China Telecom’s total to 220.3 million. China Mobile and China Unicom, the People’s Republic’s pair of cellcos, have successfully attracted new subscribers by scrapping charges for incoming calls and expanding coverage to rural areas. China Mobile added 68.1 million users in 2007 to take its total to 369.3 million, while Unicom added 18 million subscribers (160.3 million). China Telecom added 600,000 broadband internet users in December 2007, to raise the total to 35.65 million while fixed line rival China Netcom claimed a total of 19.77 million high speed internet users at the end of 2007, after adding 460,800 in December. Netcom lost a record 2.53 million phone users in the same month however, lowering its total to 110.82 million.

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