Airspan WiMAX to span Ukraine

16 Jan 2008

Airspan Networks announced yesterday in a statement that it is supplying five operators in Ukraine with its MicroMAX products for the rollout of WiMAX networks using the 5GHz frequency band. Ten national and regional carriers have recently won 5GHz fixed-wireless concessions in Ukraine, and Airspan is currently supporting the launch of commercial WiMAX services in Odessa, Lviv, Zaporojie, and Donetsk, with further networks planned in other major cities. Anders Rendahl, Airspan’s Senior Vice President of Sales and General Manager, EMEA region, said: ‘We see a proliferation of the 5GHz technology in this fast growing market as it is well suited to offer our customers high quality data, VoIP, interactive video over IP and IPTV services with high reliability.’

Ukraine, Airspan Networks