Mobile operators risk running out of numbers, official says

11 Jan 2008

Mauritius’ mobile operator could run out of numbers soon, unless the government quickly resolves the issue of telephone numbering, Cellular News reports, citing local press. The CEO of Emtel, Shyam Roy, told journalists there were only 200,000 unallocated telephone numbers available and that as his company alone was signing up in the region of 30,000 new mobile users a month, before long the country could run out of numbers altogether. Roy said that under the country’s National Numbering Plan of 2004, mobile numbering capacity should have been increased to give mobile operators capacity of six million numbers, but this never happened. Discussions are under way with the regulator to add the number ‘7’ to all mobile numbers which would up capacity to ten million phone numbers, but Roy says government needs to take a swift decision on the matter.

Mauritius, Emtel