Cableco merger riles Belgacom

11 Jan 2008

Belgacom has filed a complaint with an Antwerp court against the four Flemish cable television companies which have signed a preliminary agreement with cable operator Telenet for the sale of their television activities, a company spokesman said. Financial daily De Tijd says the move will slow down the deal by at least two months. The agreement, signed between Telenet and Interelectra, Integan, WVEM and PBE (collectively Interkabel) in November, will see the transference of 800,000 Flemish customers – one third of the market there – to Telenet for EUR300 million. Belgacom’s complaint centres around the fact that the deal is between a private company and the municipally-owned cable operators, and should therefore be negotiated through an open procedure. ‘Our objective is not to simply delay the agreement, but to question its legality. We worry that it could damage the market and create a monopoly for Telenet,’ a Belgacom spokesperson said.

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