EC calls on BIPT to open up Belgacom's VDSL network

4 Jan 2008

Belgian regulator BIPT has been called upon by the European Commission (EC) to follow through on the watchdog’s decision last November to require Belgacom to offer unbundled local loop and wholesale broadband access to rivals, including on its VDSL network. Although the country has above average broadband penetration, only 3.7% of broadband accesses are via local loop unbundling, with Belgacom maintaining a market share of nearly 52.3% at the end of September 2007, according to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database. In December the telco said it would challenge the November ruling, saying it was based on an ‘erroneous assessment of the balance of powers’, citing a lack of regulatory pressure on cableco Telenet. ‘We are ready [for greater competition], on condition that the new regulations don’t just apply to us,’ Belgacom spokesman Jan Margot reiterated this week.

Belgium, Proximus, Telenet (incl. BASE)