Chunghwa takes a slice of WiMAX operator

3 Jan 2008

Incumbent telco Chunghwa Telecom is one of nine companies to buy a stake in northern Taiwanese WiMAX licensee Global Mobile, which says it has now raised USD33.5 million from new investors for network deployment. Global Mobile won one of six regional WiMAX concessions in an auction in late July 2007, bidding under the name Global On Corp. Chunghwa, which failed to win a licence in the auction, has reportedly taken a stake of around 10% in Global Mobile, which says its other shareholders now include: computer games developer Soft-World International, cable TV operator Videoland, chip developer Silicon Integrated Systems, network equipment manufacturer D-Link, WiMAX chip designer Davicom Semiconductor, China Development Financial Holding, construction firm Ruentex Development and e-commerce services provider Com2B. Global Mobile plans to ask its new shareholders to take part in another round of fundraising in 2009, the company said.