ComReg approves high data transmission wireless broadband plan

2 Jan 2008

Ireland’s telecoms regulator ComReg has approved a new wireless frequency that will allow broadband providers to transmit up to 10GB of data over distances of up to 3km, Siliconrepublic reports. Following successful trials of high capacity radio links under its wireless test-and-trial licensing regime, the watchdog has opened up the 71GHz-76GHz and 81GHz-86GHz frequency bands, enabling point-to-point providers to offer very high data transmission services. ComReg chairman John Doherty believes the new frequency band could provide an alternative to optical fibre in areas where speed, ease and cost of installation are key issues. ‘ComReg believes that opening these frequency bands for high density fixed point-to-point radio link applications will capitalise on the bands’ potential,’ he said, adding, ‘such use could potentially facilitate a swift and efficient rollout of broadband services to areas where optical fibre cables are not available or may not be cost effective.’