Regulator launches seventh telecentre tender

21 Dec 2007

Romania’s National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology (ANRCTI) yesterday launched its seventh public tender for the installation of telecentres, providing public telephony and internet access, in 172 rural localities in 31 counties. The watchdog announced: ‘The tender launched today raises the total number of villages where telecentres are to be installed to 633 [above the original plan of 600]…So far, with the help of communications providers and local authorities, we [have] managed to connect…more than 230,000 inhabitants from 300 villages, and their number will double when all telecentres are installed.’ Each telecentre is equipped with at least two telephones, two computers, a fax and a UPS device. Since the national programme began, the ANRCTI has carried out six tenders for the installation of telecentres in 461 localities, with the 300th village receiving facilities this week. The deadline for applications for the new tender is 18 March 2008 and the contract winner(s) will be chosen within 30 days of that date.