WiMAX ‘internet cafe’ project brewing

19 Dec 2007

‘Tracabilite du Cafe’, a WiMAX network pilot project of vendor Alcatel-Lucent, coffee grower and cafe owner Cafes Malongo, the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France, and Haitian mobile operator Comcel (Voila), is due to begin deployment of wireless broadband infrastructure in rural southern Haiti next month, WiMAX Day reports. The network is expected to be ready for use in February. The participants signed a two-year agreement in May to provide broadband internet access to Haiti’s coffee cooperatives in the isolated mountain areas of Cap Rouge, which includes over 1,800 coffee producers. Alcatel-Lucent is supplying WiMAX equipment free of charge, whilst Comcel has undertaken to bear all the connection costs for two years for three planned sites, and to operate a WiMAX station under its 3.5GHz licence. Cafes Malongo is providing finance and project management.