Wateen launches 22-city WiMAX network supplied by Moto

18 Dec 2007

Motorola has announced the commercial launch of Wateen Telecom’s WiMAX network in 22 cities across Pakistan. In a message to employees and customers Wateen Telecom CEO Tariq Malik said: ‘We are proud to be the largest and the first in the world to roll out a WiMAX 802.16e network nationwide in 22 cities.’ Wateen is using Motorola’s WiMAX equipment as a broadband access alternative to homes and businesses in its major metropolitan centres, using home gateways and external antenna masts as a fixed-wireless solution. Unlike many WiMAX deployments, which target rural or small markets with few broadband resources, Wateen is focusing on the major metropolitan areas such as the capital Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

Pakistan, Motorola, Wateen Telecom