NeckarCom launches VoIP over WiMAX

18 Dec 2007

German telco NeckarCom Telekommunikation has launched a commercial WiMAX-based voice-over- internet protocol (VoIP) service in the Ulm region. US vendor Motorola completed the rollout of a WiMAX 802.16e network, capable of supporting fixed, nomadic, and mobile voice and data services, in October this year. NeckarCom ordered the infrastructure as a way of providing wireless broadband in areas where it could not deploy a fixed line data network. Now that VoIP has been launched, subscribers in Ulm, a city and region in the southern federal state of Baden-Wurttemburg, can receive integrated voice and data services via WiMAX. NeckarCom claims that this is the first such integrated service to be launched in Germany.

Germany, Motorola, NeckarCom