KPPU widens the net in mobile probe

18 Dec 2007

Indonesia’s Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) has announced it is widening its probe into alleged price-fixing of SMS messages by eight of the country’s mobile operators, The Jakarta Post reports. In a statement the body said it had found evidence, albeit preliminary, of a ‘cartel-like’ arrangement between the companies involved. ‘From the preliminary evidence, we have discovered that there’s a kind of agreement between the mobile cellular companies to fix the prices of text messages at between IDR250 (about USD0.027) and IDR350,’ KPPU chairman Muhammad Iqbal said Monday. He went on to say it would take about 60 working days for the KPPU to finally make its adjudication on the case. The eight companies allegedly involved are Bakrie Telecom, Indosat, Telkomsel, Telkom, Excelcomindo, Hutchinson CP Telecommunications (HCPT), Mobile-8 Telecom and Smart Telecom.