Algerian PTO signals FTTH rollout, announces triple-play launch

13 Dec 2007

Algeria’s largest wireline operator and broadband service provider Algerie Telecom has announced it is launching a triple-play voice, internet and TV service on 15 December which will include fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) technology. In what it claims is a first for the African continent, the operator is installing fibre-optic networks supplied by Sagem Communication of France initially in Oran, Alger, Setif and Constantine before being rolled out nationwide in 2008. According to Algerie Telecom’s Malik Hachelef, the man overseeing the FTTH rollout, ‘The service will consist of a modem that can connect to the fibre network that will give very high capacities allowing either triple or quadruple play.’

TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database writes that Algerie Telecom awarded a contract to Alcatel in May 2006 for the deployment of 130,000 DSL connections by that September, with another 170,000 lines to follow. This came after an earlier expansion deal with Chinese vendor ZTE. It claimed 155,000 ADSL subscribers by mid-2007, up from only 25,000 at end-2005, giving it around 35% of the overall market. The incumbent currently has a total of 500,000 ADSL lines installed and says it is on its way to three million lines by the end of 2009. Its CEO Slimane Kheiredine is quoted as saying that WiMAX will also be used to fill gaps in its ADSL service coverage, allowing it to consider new services such as IPTV.

Algeria, Algerie Telecom (AT)