Vodafone to build solo 3G network

12 Dec 2007

Vodafone Australia has confirmed it is planning to drop USD500 million on a new 3G network. The cellco aims to trump its current 3G network partner Optus Mobile, to create a wireless broadband network covering 95% of the population by December 2008. In January this year Optus announced it would build a 3G network covering 96% of the population but said construction would not begin until early 2008 and would run to 2010. The two telcos jointly operate a metropolitan 3G network covering 60% of the population, well behind the 98% covered by Telstra’s Next G network. The Optus/Vodafone’s shared network operates on the 2100MHz frequency, the spectrum which best suits densely populated areas, However, Vodafone’s new network will use the 900MHz range which requires fewer base stations.

Australia, Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA)