Cablecom selects Thomson for VoIP platform

11 Dec 2007

Thomson has announced that its Cirpack VoIP platform has been selected by Mexican cableco Cablecom over which it will begin offering telephony later this month as part of a new triple-play offer. Cablecom is currently undergoing rapid expansion of its customer base, having acquired more than 20 cablecos during the course of 2007, and now has around 600,000 customers. In this context, Cablecom needed a scaleable platform to optimise management of its multiple networks. ‘We needed a solution to quickly launch primary line telephony to complete our triple-play package’ said Eduardo Rodriguez Torres, CTO of Cablecom Telephony. ‘We found that Thomson’s VoIP platform was the only one on the market capable of matching our expectations in terms of features, reliability and easy of deployment. We have acquired many other cable operator companies and scalability is a key requirement for us. With Thomson’s platform, increasing user capacity and adding new services can be done quickly and transparently, without disruption. Added to this, the Thomson VoIP platform is a field proven solution both in Latin America and with cable operators.’

Mexico, Cablecom (Wizzplus)