Telecom Argentina launches fixed line videocall service

10 Dec 2007

Fixed line operator Telecom Argentina (TEO) has launched a videocall service for both residential and corporate customers, according to a company statement reported by BNamericas. The former incumbent has invested ARS16 million pesos (USD5.1 million) to launch the service, which is available nationwide. Subscribers can access the service through an Aladino VT telephone. TEO is expecting 50,000 customers to take the service by end-2008. Local telecoms consultant Enrique Carrier believes the new service is more important in terms of technological positioning than as a revenue source for the company, and take up of video call services in Argentina will not be massive. ‘This launch also confirms that the future of fixed line telephony will be based on broadband infrastructure,’ he added. TEO had 4.17 million fixed lines in service at the end of September 2007, up 3% on the 4.05 million it had a year earlier.