International voice traffic growth is slowing: Are hard times ahead for carriers?

5 Dec 2007

New data from the annual TeleGeography study of the international voice market shows that international traffic growth slowed sharply in 2006, to 10%, the lowest level in more than 20 years. Since prices are falling while competition and complexity are continuing to grow, international carriers may be in for a rough ride in the coming years.

However, not all is bleak: cross-border VoIP traffic grew more than 30% in 2006, and VoIP emerged as the key driver of overall market growth. In fact, 2006 may have been a tipping point in the international market: VoIP traffic increased as much as TDM volumes, and VoIP is poised to overtake TDM traffic growth in 2007.

Published continuously since 1989, the annual TeleGeography study is the most authoritative source of data on the international long distance market.

Contents include:

  • Route-by-route international PSTN traffic data for over 100 countries and more than 2,000 international routes
  • Top VoIP destinations and traffic volumes
  • Retail and wholesale traffic, pricing and revenue trends
  • Impact of Skype and consumer VoIP services on international long-distance.

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