VSE NET to launch Germany's first commercial mobile WiMAX network

4 Dec 2007

Saarland regional telecoms provider VSE NET is to launch a commercial mobile WiMAX network, which it claims is Germany’s first. VSE NET is implementing the project in cooperation with Inquam Broadband, a nationwide 3.5GHz broadband wireless access (BWA) licence holder, and the international equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent. During the first phase of the network roll out VSE NET will offer voice telephony and internet access as well as other data applications for consumers and enterprises in the north of the Saarland, commencing in January 2008. The initial infrastructure, based on the IEEE 802.16e-2005 WiMAX standard, has been built by Alcatel-Lucent in just four months; WiMAX radio technology requires no complex underground engineering operations. It is designed to support stationary and nomadic as well as mobile applications. ‘This service is eagerly anticipated by individuals and especially local businesses,’ said Dr. Georg Muller, VSE board member. ‘What is important is that we enter the market soon with a high-quality service.’