New 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz wireless broadband licence auction set for 4Q 2008

3 Dec 2007

Hong Kong’s telecoms regulator OFTA announced today its decision to auction wireless spectrum in the 2.3GHz–2.4GHz bands (‘the 2.3GHz band’) and the 2.5GHz–2.69GHz bands (‘the 2.5GHz band’) in the fourth quarter of 2008, to enable the provision of broadband wireless access (BWA) services. An OFTA statement read: ‘The release of the 2.3GHz band and the 2.5GHz band will allow the introduction of BWA services, facilitating the development of Hong Kong into an advanced wireless city. The public will have wider choices of innovative services, including mobile broadband network services, so that they may have access to the internet and multimedia services at affordable price any time, any where and while on the move…Depending on the result of frequency coordination with the mainland [Chinese] authorities, an amount of 190MHz to 240MHz of frequency spectrum can be made available for BWA services. Consistent with the Spectrum Policy Framework, we will rely on market powers to ensure the efficient use of frequency spectrum as a public resource…The frequency spectrum made available should be sufficient to accommodate at least six licences. The BWA services will be licensed using the new Unified Carrier Licence to be created by the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development.’

Hong Kong