SatLav goes mainstream

30 Nov 2007

Nobody likes searching for a public toilet in a state of growing desperation and now, thanks to a far from bog-standard location-based service launched by Westminster City Council, busy Londoners no longer will have to. Tourists and pub patrons who lose themselves among the alleyways and confusing S-bends of England’s capital, can, for 25p, text the word ‘toilet’ to a number before receiving a text with the address of the nearest public facility (the number – 80097 – is not the combination of 1s and 2s previously hoped for by industry analysts). The SatLav service, on-stream since yesterday and covering 8.5 square miles, logs the caller’s position by measuring the strength of the phone signal. ‘From today onwards nobody should ever get caught short again, and we understand how important that is,’ said relieved councillor Alan Bradley. Meanwhile, flushed with excitement and bowled over by the scheme, British Toilet Association director Richard Chisnell stated: ‘It’s the first fully managed service that we’re aware of [in the UK]. Thank heavens for Westminster’s public toilets.’

United Kingdom