PCCW direct fibre available to two-thirds of homes, launches fibre/wireless/HDTV packages

27 Nov 2007

Hong Kong’s largest fixed line and broadband provider PCCW-HKT has announced that its direct fibre-optic broadband access services are available to two-thirds of households in the Special Administrative Region. Last week the telco launched two new promotional offers bundling super-fast symmetrical direct fibre connections, mobile broadband services and high definition TV (HDTV). The PCCW 1000M+ package bundles ‘Netvigator Fibre Direct 1000M’ (up to 1Gbps down/upload) broadband with ‘Netvigator Everywhere’ wireless broadband connectivity via PCCW Mobile’s HSDPA and W-CDMA networks as well as 3,000 PCCW Wi-Fi hotspots. The package, costing HKD2,188 (USD281) per month, also includes HDTV provided by the group’s NOW Broadband IPTV division. A second package ‘PCCW 100M’ includes Netvigator Fibre Direct 100M (up to 100Mbps down/upload) broadband, wireless connectivity via 3,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as HDTV, for HKD588 per month. PCCW Consumer Group Managing Director Tom Chan said: ‘We aim at not only extending transmission speed of 1000Mbps to as many households as possible, but also anticipating and meeting the heavy bandwidth needs of new applications. We will be providing a 1250Mbps service on our networks soon and expect to roll out even faster broadband services later in 2008.’ PCCW’s website states that 100Mbps and 1Gbps upstream and downstream speeds are supplied as symmetrical but actual transmission speeds may be lower, subject to extraneous factors.