MWEB to launch ‘triple-play’

23 Nov 2007

South African ISP MWEB is planning to offer a triple-play service consisting of ADSL, IP telephony and pay-TV. The broadband component will be a 384kbps download DSL service with a 1GB per month usage allowance, which will be packaged alongside MWEB’s Broadband Talk service and MultiChoice’s DStv premium offering. According to a report in FMTech, the bundle will cost ZAR599 (USD88) per month, compared to ZAR715 for each component separately. An MWEB spokeswoman was quoted as saying that strictly speaking, the MWEB service is not actually triple-play as the signals are not all being carried down the same line, but the company has plans to introduce what it calls a ‘true triple-play’ service in the future, following the launch of MWEB’s next-generation of MultiChoice PVR decoders next year. The new devices will cater for HDTV, be ADSL-ready and able to carry voice-over-IP (VoIP) calls.

South Africa, MWEB (South Africa)