Another Russian WiMAX player emerges; Intel seeks partner

19 Nov 2007

The Russian telco New Telecommunications says it plans to launch WiMAX wireless broadband networks in 18 cities in the second quarter of next year. The USD35 million project will see the firm deploying around 200 base stations in the Central, Southern and Volga federal districts, ComNews reports. New Telecommunications is currently in the process of selecting its WiMAX equipment vendor, with Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei all in the running for the contract. It will be competing with the likes of Synterra and Enforta which have already launched commercial WiMAX networks in a number of Russian cities.

Separately, the chip manufacturer Intel says it is looking for WiMAX partners in Russia who hold frequencies to roll out a nationwide network. WiMAX operator Synterra says it has already held negotiations with Intel’s investment arm, Intel Capital.