Telecom Egypt signs USD36m contract with IMEWE

16 Nov 2007

Telecom Egypt has announced that it has signed a USD36 million contract with the India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE) cable consortium, allowing the new infrastructure to use the TE Transit Corridor to cross from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea using Telecom Egypt infrastructure. IMEWE is expected to begin operations in mid-2009.

The TE Transit Corridor has been developed over nearly 20 years as the route of choice for all crossing submarine cable systems in the area. It comprises terrestrial infrastructure linking the two seas, using multiple diverse and redundant routes. Additional terrestrial routes over the Sinai Peninsula add to the resilience of the corridor, while it also boasts favourable submarine cable build economics, by avoiding shallow waters.

IMEWE is a consortium-led submarine cable system backed by VSNL (India), Bharti (India), PTCL (Pakistan), Etisalat (UAE), STC (Saudi Arabia), TE (Egypt), STE (Syria), JTG (Jordan), CYTA (Cyprus), Maroc Telecom (Morocco), France Telecom (France) and Ogero (Lebanon). The 3.84Tbps capacity network will be about 10,000km long, and will connecting India with Europe, via Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, Morocco and Italy.

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